Review of 'A study in Charlotte' by Brittany Cavallaro

by - April 22, 2017

About the book: 

Title: A study in Charlotte
Author: Brittany Cavallaro
Pages: 321
Publisher: Harper Collins 
Price: $9.99
Genre: Mystery/Young Adult  
Series: Book 1 of a trilogy

Back of the book: 

The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father. But that's not the only complication: Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes, the famous detective's great-great-great-granddaughter, who has inherited not only Sherlock's genius but also his volantile temperament.
From the moment they meet, there's a tense energy between them, and they seem more destined to be rivals than anything else. But when a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances, ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance. Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for murder.

My opinion: 

At first I have to say how much I love the cover of this book! It was probably one of the main reasons I bought it. And of course because I'm a Sherlock Holmes addict.

'A study in Charlotte' is about Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, who meet for the first time when Jamie starts attending Sherringford, a prep school in the USA.
They get to know each other when they're both suspected of the murder of another student. Jamie starts to fall in love with Charlotte, but she (just like Sherlock Holmes) is rather insensitive and concentrated on facts instead of feelings.
Anyway, together they try to solve the murder, which is an imitated Sherlock Holmes case. 

I really don't know how I liked the book.
On the one hand I think it was very entertaining, because of the murders and the way Holmes and Watson solved it. 
It was a typical Sherlock Holmes adventure, because it was very confusing and also suspenseful until the end, and I really couldn't tell who committed the crimes.

I also liked that Jamie and Charlotte become friends, just like their ancestors before, and that the Moriarty family still is a topic. I also kind of liked that the characters have the same characteristics as their relatived Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, but I think it was too much. 
I would have liked it better when there would have been something new. I would have loved Charlotte to on the one hand have the same characteristics that she has (Sherlock's genius, cleverness, drug addiction, dominance) but also something different like obvious feelings or that she was very warm-hearted and loveable. I know that these characteristics don't really seem to match, but it would have been interesting to see.

Another aspect I didn't really like was how and why Watson starts liking Holmes so much. He develops such strong feelings for her (within a few days), although he doesn't know her at all. It seems a bit compelled, as if he has to be friends with her, because of the story of their families. I mean yes, it's cool that they become friends after all this time, but it's kind of incomprehensible why.

Furthermore, the length of the chapters seemed to be way too long. I don't know if it's because I generally read a bit slower in english, but the chapters really didn't seem to end..

To sum it up, I think that the idea behind this is better than the actual book. 

It's not like I didn't like it at all! It was very suspenseful and I actually liked the way it is related to Sherlock Holmes. But like I already said: it was too much. 
I would still recommend this book to you, especially if you love Sherlock Holmes, because there are plenty of references and relations.

I rate the book with 3.5 of 5 hearts!


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